5 thoughts on “SciFaiku #2”

    1. Thank you. Well spotted! I’m impressed! And spot on with the spelling too. Yes it is the top section of The Triumph of Death. I was looking for something a little dark but not too cheesy. I toyed with Bosch but this just seemed to fit the space perfectly. The rest of the painting is quite busy but this top section is beautifully bleak and dark. I’m looking to post a mix of horror and sci-fi, and this seemed to have an other-worldly feel to it.

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      1. Oh I LOVE his work. I’m keen to use his art (the title…ummm…martyrdom of St. Anthony? Something like that) for inspiration for a story setting, if I can ever get to writing it.

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      2. Do you mean ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony? That would be a great one to build a story from. If you took all the characters out you are still left wondering who lives in the village on the lake? What lies beyond the mountains? What lurks within the forest? I recently went to a writing retreat in Berlin which mixed photography and writing. We were sent out on a photography ‘mission’ to photograph a picture which encapsulated a given word and then we showed all the photos on a slideshow. The idea was then to write a short story based on one of the pictures. It is a really good way to write short stories as you are always left wondering what lies beyond the frame.

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      3. Yes yes yes! That’s the one. Yes, I love that painting, and hope to utilize it. Your exercise sounds really cool. That’s why I love utilizing stuff like art and photos to help me write. There’s so much to decipher from the image, and to imagine “beyond the frame,” as you put it. 🙂

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